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Chapter: Early Autumn
written by: Langston Hughes

This story has been written by an English writer Langston Hughes.

Bill walker and Marry both loved each other when they were young. Then they walked together, talked together and spent many nights together. They did many things but they neither thought of a marriage nor do they seem serious about it. Mary wanted that Bill would propose to her but he did not. They got angry at some un-important matter. Bill left Mary. Growing impulsive Mary married a man of her choice whom she found to be a suitable mate to build a family. Bill left Mary and went away with bitter feelings about woman.

Time and tide wait for no man. Bill also married a girl Lucille whom he later loved and grew father of two children. Many years later, they met each other by chance on the way and they had close talk about their past. Mary and Bill asked each other about their families. Mary told Bill that she worked in Busra’s office and she had three children Bill told Mary that he was lawyer and had two kids. Both of them invited each other to see each other and Bill invited Mary and her family to join at the dinner on some night.

They had a short meeting and could not talk much with each other. She also could not tell Bill that the name of her youngest son was also Bill.

Strange enough they could not tell each other about their present addresses because Mary’s bus arrived and she got in the bus hurriedly and hardly she could utter Good-bye and again they separated probably for ever.

Mary looked unhappy and discontented with her marriage life. Autumn came in her life very soon and the days of happiness were passed in the wink of an eye.


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